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Used-vehicle future values: Getting them right matters

Shenzhen car parking

Right now, the used car market is in an unusual place. While a number of consumer publications have published stories highlighting concerns about the potential impact of environmental issues on used vehicle values, notably diesel, prices have remained strong.

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Economic Insights – November 2018


This week’s Budget gave us all some relief from Brexit related issues, and with it an opportunity to focus on the performance of the economy. In brief, this shows that economic momentum was maintained during the summer, as the heatwave helped the economy to catch up from the hit from the snow at the start of the year.

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FCA changes are afoot – are you ready?


In my conversations with dealers on the noise around possible FCA changes, there are some who are concerned, but many prefer to think it will be business as normal. In the absence of the final outcome, I can only work on the principle that the FCA’s continuing deliberations will result in change, as they accelerate efforts to understand our market and established industry processes.



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Self-serve supermarkets and dealer finance

Woman's hand dialing numbers on a glowing digital touch screen of a terminal in the shopping mall. Self service

At Mann Island Finance, we are big fans of the benefits of digitisation and continue to invest in new technologies to improve speed, accuracy and the customer experience. However, it occurs to me that on this last point of customer experience, that technology does not always work for every customer. The capacity and flexibility to retain the human element remains an important capability.

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