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The car retailing model has developed what could be seen as an unhealthy obsession with linking increased sales to low prices. For many, the sustainability of such an approach should be questioned because data demonstrates that price alone is not meeting the needs of most customers and is just continuing to erode dealer profitability.

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The LCV Market: The growth opportunity continues

Paul Power, Head of Sales   Dealers looking for a sales growth opportunity have only to look at the small and medium sized business (SME) sector and LCVs. Gain a sale for a light commercial vehicle and the smart dealer places themselves into pole-position to supply that same business with at least one car. This […]

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Online Financial Promotion – Time for Dealers to review their approach

Finance has been instrumental in helping dealers to retail cars over recent years, but dealers need to ensure they are not placing themselves at risk by breaching financial promotion regulatory requirements.

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Finance Fraud is an increasing Issue

Across financial services fraud is a growing issue and motor finance has seen a notable increase in recent years with criminals making fraudulent car finance applications using fake documents and identities to acquire and steal vehicles.

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